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Article in the Lignum Vaud brochure

Lignum Vaud, the Swiss wood industry in the canton of Vaud, has just published a new brochure on the subject of "Wooden staircases - know-how and creativity".

The brochure highlights 18 creative and inspiring wooden staircase designs, and we are delighted to see one of our own creations among these beautiful designs.

On page 36, you can see the self-supporting staircase that we have imagined and designed in its entirety so that it fits perfectly into its environment and is in line with our customers' preferences.

The stained and oiled oak steps match the colour of the floor. In order to optimise the elegance of this staircase, the Masini Studio team developed an innovative fixing method. The anchoring in the concrete wall has no visible support, it is integrated in the thickness of the wood and makes the object airy.

The glass balustrade consists of four 25 mm thick laminated glass walls that extend to the ground. These elements are only supported by the steps and only a finish in front of the glass gives the impression that it carries them. LED lights arranged in strips, flush under each step, illuminate the whole.

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