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Meet the founder

Passion and Commitment

Deep within, Stéphane Masini has has always had an entrepreneurial mindset.

He established his first venture, a general contracting company, at a very young age. Due to his strong desire to learn, he decided to pursue university studies in architecture, all while working on his business.

He enjoyed seeing his projects come to life, and after finding his true calling in architecture, he decided to launch Masini Studio in 2007.

In addition to his work as an architect Stéphane also holds an official role of President of the Commission for the tax assessment of buildings in the district of Morges. He appreciates how this activity helps him stay up to date about current regulations as well as about the latest developments in the property sector, all of which helps him to serve his clients better.

Stéphane Masini founder of Masini Studio Architectural Solutions
Stéphane Masini founder of Masini Studio Architectural Solutions

Professionalism and innovation

Through his multifaceted career and thanks to his diverse competences, Stéphane Masini masters all the aspects of the real estate industry, from construction to transformation or selling your property.

He is passionate about offering solutions that match your wishes, lifestyle and needs.

His mission is to always find the best possible solution. To communicate his vision, he uses modern 3D modelling tools, so you can get a sneak peek of your future home or project from day one.

He is continuously motivated by new ideas, inspiring suggestions and innovative solutions.

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