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Building a living space that resembles you

Tailor-made proposals for a place where you feel home

Collaborating with an architect means you’ll have a whole team of experts who will manage everything from administration to technical conditions with creativity and ease at your disposal.

We offer solutions that combine your expectations and innovation with longevity and uncompromising quality.

Everyday life is busy and ever changing. Your home deserves to be not only practical and comfortable but also bright and beautiful. Our spaces leverage functional layouts and modern ergonomics to create a haven of relaxation and well-being.

Masini Studio Architectural Solutions - Villa construction "La Dame de l'Irence"
Masini Studio Architectural Solutions - Construction of villa “La Dame de l’Irence” entrance hall

Building your home, a life project

When your family grows, you’ll need more room.

You want to create a home that meets your changing needs better.  


Maybe your home needs to make space for a professional workspace.

We accompany and advise you every step of the process. Why limit ourselves to what already exists, when we can come up with new ideas and create a unique space, to meet your unique needs?

We collaborate with the best local artisans, use the latest technologies, and respect current regulations in all our projects.

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