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A team of experts on your real estate project

From conceptualisation to realisation, we advise and support you and your project

The Masini Studio team works on architectural projects and is located in La Côte region in Vaud, Switzerland. The studio was established in 2007 by Stéphane Masini, who is an architect, entrepreneur, founder and interior designer.

To serve his clients at the highest level, he has surrounded himself with the best local experts and partners. Thanks to their varied and complementary skill sets, the Masini Studio team guides you through every question you might have on real estate, construction and renovation.


Share your questions with us and we’ll help you find the answer.

Masini Studio Solutions Architecturales and its partners installing the glass railing of a staircase
Masini Studio Architectural Solutions and its partners installing a stretched fabric

Entrust your real estate project to a team of experts

Whether your goal is to build something from scratch, transform or sell an existing property, you’ll be supported by a team of specialists who are dedicated  to providing you with quality results and exceeding your expectations.

We know current construction rules and regulations as well as market trends and the latest technologies. This body of knowledge allows us to anticipate and manage all the aspects of a construction project from deadlines to budgets.

We aren’t working on just any project - we’re working on your project! 

Our mission is to offer bespoke solutions that meet and exceed your expectations.

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